So if you’re on this website, I’m sure you’ve seen all the stuff I’ve tagged as “old nonsense system.” That all is my original attempt at making the comic. It’s stuff that alright but I know I can do better and give this the proper attention it needs. So basically what I’m planning on doing with it is I’ve plotted out at least like 36 pages of a reboot and I am currently in the process of digitalizing them and such.

It’ll be a similar story just (in my opinion) better written and better drawn.

Take this comparison shot of the two stories for example:

the old version
the new version

And looking at these, I think a clear difference can be seen in quality.

So thats the story with whats happening with nonsense system right now, I want to get this out to you all pretty soon and hopefully that’ll come through.

In the mean time heres some epic gamer comics that were pretty big on twitter: